The club's memberships

We are proud to claim that ours is an open & free, international filmmaking community. That’s right! You don’t need to pay anything to join our online platform and start linking, learning and collaborating with other filmmaking members.

To get your online membership all you have to do is join one of our meet-ups or social activities and give us your real name and email address.

Not possible to join our real life events? Then all we ask is a little contribution that will allow us to check your background and show your commitment with the filmmaking community.

Check below the options you have to become an online verified member.


All verified members have free access to online tools to publish and apply to job openings, participate in filmmaking groups and get free access to open resources. For that reason, we need to verify every new member so we can make sure our community is clean of boots, hackers, spammers, prospectors and any other person without a relationship or commitment with the film and video creation community.

You can verify your identity for free by joining one of our events and giving us your real name and email account.

If that’s not possible, you can also join our online community by choosing one of the options described below.

It’s important that you use your real name when you go through the registration process. This is so we can check your real identity, and so other members actually know who you are. Please, don’t use pseudonyms or a nicknames that you wouldn’t give to your friends or relatives, or you won’t be able to join our community.

We can verify your identity for free when you join one of our events and provide us with your real name and email account.

If you are a teacher or student from a higher education institution, please send us a message from your .edu or educational email address and we will verify your membership for free.

The verification / membership fee covers the background check and IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Even if we already accepted your membership, we can suspend it anytime if we detect any non-acceptable behaviour coming from your account (any behaviour that we target as harassment, discrimination, retaliation and/or spam).


Get yourself verified!


Join existing groups and start linking, discussing and collaborating with other peers. You can also share your profile with other members and contact them online through our public messages.


Find and apply to new cast & crew job opportunities. In your city and around the world. You can also publish jobs listings for your own projects.


Get free access to our open classes & seminars, and pay a regular price for the advanced ones.


Get the maximum out of our international community while helping us to run and make it even better.

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Join open groups and create & manage your own ones!


Apply to auditions, casting calls and crew jobs with your online resume/s. Now you can apply faster to multiple project opportunities. Casting directors and producers will be able to find candidates and see their experience and skills more easily. You can also search other member’s resumes and contact them directly.


Get free access to our basic online learning resources, lectures, screenings and other premium events. Get discounts to all our advanced courses and seminars from our Film Academy.